Why Frenchic Furniture Paint Is A Great Choice For Your Home Design


Repainting or refinishing a furniture piece can be hard work and time-consuming. Still, such a task is surely worth it once you see the result and know that you've made custom furniture for your living space. But while you may have the necessary repainting skills for the project, it's also crucial that you are knowledgeable about the best paint product to use. One of the best options you can consider for your project is Frenchic furniture paint.

This brand is widely used by many because of the great features and benefits it can offer. If you're interested in knowing all that, read the next paragraphs. Below are some of the great things you can expect from using Frenchic furniture paint.

Requires fewer coats

Even though different brands call for a different number of coats, high-quality Frenchic furniture paint requires only 2-3 coats if you want to go from extreme dark to light or vice versa. To ensure that you'll get something that's worth your money and time, make sure to check the square feet coverage of the paint.

Can be used on any surface

Yes, Frenchic furniture paint is universal, because you can use it, for instance, for outdoor furniture, unfinished wood, tile, ceramic, walls, linoleum, laminate, steel, plastic, glass, fabric, walls, dishes etc. To ensure that it'll stick or is appropriate for your project, check the type or colour of paint that you got.

Wide variety of styles

Although people associate Frenchic paint with a shabby chic look, it doesn't have to be like that at all. Even if you want a modern look with solid and smooth colours, chalk paint can be your best option. In fact, it's easier to achieve a modern, clean look than to distress it with chalk paint. Other designs you can achieve using chalk paint are artistic, crackled, clean, rustic, whimsical, farmhouse, crisp and more.

You can brush or spray it

Chalky paint can be applied with a brush just like traditional paint. But because furniture often has detailed work that can be difficult to reach with bristles, spraying the paint can also be a good idea. For example, when it comes to wicker, spraying is a great option. The drawback is the time-consuming task of cleaning the sprayer at the end of the project.

The paint forgives mistakes

Part of Frenchic furniture paint's appeal is that any imperfections could add to the finished effect or help create the aged or worn look. So if you end up with some visible brush strokes, it'll look natural instead of being an eyesore. It's also great if you opt to sand away the brush marks.

Forget the prep

With this product, you won't need a primer and sandpaper. One of the biggest benefits of Frenchic furniture paint, and what's created a lot of the product buzz, is that you can skip the time-consuming, unglamorous part of painting—the prep work. Typically, all you need is a clean surface. This means that instead of sanding, stripping, and priming, you merely have to wipe the surface clean and the paint will adhere.

Custom finishes are a snap

Even if you are not a skilled craftsperson, this paint allows you to personalise the finish the way you want. Sandpaper, a sanding sponge, or steel wool can create a time-worn, distressed, or vintage finish. You can also achieve interesting looks by applying different colours for the base and top coats, or using a nearly dry brush to paint a second colour over the first one for a layered look.

Versatile styles

A shabby, distressed look is often created with Frenchic furniture paint, but this is far from the only design option you have with this material. With this brand of chalk paint, you can achieve anything from creative, hand-painted style, classy, antique designs to a minimalist, modern look.

Paint indoors

Worried about fumes? With non-toxic Frenchic furniture paint, you can now paint indoors without any problems. This makes it perfect for keeping bugs, dust, leaves, and pollen off of your wet paint and accomplish the job in any type of weather.

With all of the great benefits mentioned in this article, you now have a clear idea of why Frenchic furniture paint is be the best choice for your DIY project. From all the painting styles you can create to the convenience you can experience from applying it, Frenchic paint is in no doubt a great and valuable brand. Ready to paint those furniture pieces of yours? Then choose the most reputable seller in the market today and start transforming the look for your furniture!